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0000400lwttpublic2010-05-21 00:572014-06-27 21:43
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0000400: Sorting (alphabetically etc.)
The application should allow to order/sort items by various columns (mainly alphabetically by name). The best method is probably to do it by double-clicking on the appropriate column header. The current sorting should be indicated (e.g. by a small icon in the header) and saved into the data file.
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Has any progress been made on this? I'm thinking it would be a good simple project (I have just gained Java progression, but 0 EXP writing stuff).
2014-06-27 21:41   
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Right, I have finally managed to implement all the changes I want (first Java project done!):

1. User-specified sort column, with particular order.
2. Sort details are persisted.
3. User can specify the time consumption of a task direct (e.g. you know you've been working on a task for 10 minutes but forgot to start it in lwtt, you can now enter in '0:10' and then start it).

Please see the sorted-list branch: [^] - I moved the class hierarchy to src to appease NetBeans (it wanted a top-level pure source directory defined to properly locate things) - is there a proper way to sort this?

Once this is upstream in some form, I can take the repo down.