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0000760jIncron(No Category)public2017-02-12 22:092017-02-12 22:09
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0000760: add a new feature
$( ==> the relative targeted path where an event occur in.

for example, i have a nextcloud server with sftp external storage mounted (when something change, i have to update/rescan index on nextcloud with occ php command. This external storage is a cloud storage svfs mounted on remote server (the same server where nextcloud is running), and give an sftp access on it (on /mnt/HUBIC).
So incrontab entry shuod be:

/mnt/HUBIC/default IN_CLOSE_WRITE sudo -u http occ --path=/user_name/files/Hubic/$(

because $@ (/mnt/HUBIC/default/my/storage/) is the real mounted path on system, but not the nextcloud mounted external storage path (/Hubic/my/storage/).
For have the nextcloud path, i need the relative directory from the listened incron path defined:
/mnt/HUBIC/default/ my/storage/ file_changed

$( should be: my/storage/

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