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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedDue DateSummary
  0000760 [jIncron]
(No Category)
minornew2017-02-12 add a new feature
  00007581[General public affairs]
(No Category)
majornew2015-10-18 IN_DELETE_SELF not applicable for files
  0000757 [General public affairs]
(No Category)
majornew2015-07-28 Tabs in incrontab lead to command name be replaced with 0
  0000756 [jIncron]
(No Category)
featurenew2015-05-25 Incron doesn't Trigger after Files are uploading from FileZilla(FTP)
minorassigned (luk)2014-06-27 Sorting (alphabetically etc.)
  00005101[General public affairs]
minorclosed (luk)2012-03-29 Captcha problems (originally mailed to
  00000601[Kernel API Reference]
minorclosed (luk)2011-03-20 Struct comment not processed
  00000591[Kernel API Reference]
minorclosed (luk)2011-03-20 Some stuff is missing
  00004562[General public affairs]
minorassigned (luk)2011-01-31 Mailing list subscription fails
  0000455 [lwtt]
featureassigned (luk)2010-03-27 Minimizing to the systen tray
  0000450 [lwtt]
featureassigned (luk)2010-02-17 Running as an applet
  0000401 [lwtt]
minorassigned (luk)2009-05-01 Add a confirmation dialog
minorclosed (luk)2008-07-12 Column widths
crashclosed (luk)2008-07-12 Crash upon download and first run
minorclosed (luk)2008-07-12 Strange behavior when multiple items selected
minorclosed (luk)2008-07-12 jincron crashes with the following traceback


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